At Infinergy, the focus is on you. It is a place for you to feel suspended in time, secluded from the rush of the everyday. A place for you to relax, feel safe, loved and treasured. The atmosphere of tranquility and harmony creates the ideal sanctuary for you to unwind and revitalize.

Jo-Anne’s mission is to offer a space of serenity, a place to escape from the hectic world of busy schedules and traffic jams, and melt into a world where time does not exist. A retreat for your body, mind and spirit to rejuvenate and rediscover the joys of life. A place where miracles happen every day.

At Infinergy, it is Jo-Anne’s focus to help you to balance your mind, body and spirit, allowing them to work together in harmony. By learning how to create balance within your body systems, you can help to create a life of harmony and peace around you. Your perception is your reality.


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