Fuelling our bodies with healthy, nutritious food is paramount to optimal health and balanced body systems. Jo-Anne uses an integrated, holistic philosophy in her nutrition practice to educate and inspire her clients to eat to fuel their bodies efficiently. Discussion will include proper food choices, food combining, meal planning and learning how to properly interpret package labels.

Jo-Anne offers sessions with individuals and with entire families, so everyone can learn the importance of properly fuelling the body. What you feed your body impacts every aspect of your life, and by learning the proper food choices to make, you can uplift yourself from surviving to thriving.

There are many potential benefits from learning how to properly nourish your body, mind and spirit with nutritious, delicious foods. These include improved digestion, weight management and enjoying a healthy, balanced body with more energy. Jo-Anne also discusses with her clients how the food we take into our bodies has an energy field, and as we eat, we are taking these energies into our bodies. It is important to fuel our bodies with healthy energies to balance and properly run our systems.

Assisted Grocery Shopping
Jo-Anne offers to join her clients at the grocery store to assist in making good choices and to advise what to bring home and what to leave at the store. She feels that it is imperative to begin a nutritious lifestyle at the grocery store, where the abundance of choices can be overwhelming. Jo-Anne breaks it down and uses easy to follow strategies for shopping and selecting the right foods.







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